About Us

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers is one of the oldest and most respected unions in North America. Our union was founded by 19 brave railroad machinists who met in secret in a railroad pit in Atlanta, Georgia in 1988, and today we are one of the most aggressive and influential labor organizations of the 21st Century. Our union has always been member-based and member-driven. Our structure ensures that members at the Local Lodge level maintain control over our international operations.HBnite1

District Lodge 725 was officially established on January 1, 1994. District 725 was created by the merger of five former District Lodges and three previously unaffiliated Local Lodges to create one State-wide Aerospace District Lodge. We have District offices in the following metropolitan areas: San Diego & Chula Vista; Rancho Cucamonga, Huntington Beach, Palmdale, Sunnyvale and Rancho Cordova. District Lodge 725 currently has 15 affiliated Local Lodges composed of hard working trade unionists throughout the state of California.

Former Western Territory General Vice President Lee Pearson described the reasons behind the creation of our District Lodge: “This merger is simply about the Union working smarter in the environment we find ourselves in. It means pooling our resources, eliminating needless duplication of services and utilizing the best talent in the State to respond to the needs of the membership. The end result is increased efficiency, accountability and improved service to our members.”

At the time of its creation, District Lodge 725 had over 23,000 active and retired members. Former District Lodge 720 President/Directing Business Representative Calvin Duncan was selected to serve as District 725’s first Assistant Directing Business Representative to help IAM Grand Lodge Representative Dick Floyd bring the different geographical areas of the new District together. Brother Duncan was elected as District 725’s first President/DBR in January 1995.

The principal headquarters of District Lodge 725 was originally in Burbank, but that office was sold in 1997.  A new headquarters building was purchased in Huntington Beach across the street from McDonnell Douglas Space Systems facility, renovated to suit the District’s needs and officially opened for business on July 18, 1998. That building still serves as District Lodge 725 headquarters today.

Although we are not as large as we were at the time of our formation, District Lodge 725 continues to march in solidarity as a more cohesive union, better able to provide the best service possible to the best people in the world; our members